The staff schedule program

Monday – Theatre Joensuu

Dialogue circle

Intro to team coaching, career guidance and entrepreneurship education and their role in the project Keynote speakers from these fields

Discussions and brainstorming in small teams

Check out dialogue circle

Tuesday – Science Park, ProRiveria (Spark Riveria)

Team coach training (Fundaments of Team Coaching Workshop) and activities by Senior Team Coach from Tiimikatemia Jyväskylä

Wednesday – Science Park, (Spark Riveria)

Visit Karelia Y-Akademy (University of applied sciences). Participating in the dialogue circle and teamwork with the students of Y-Academy

Keynote speaker: Entrepreneur Mr Jukka Hassinen, Education Designer, Tiimiakatemia Global, Finland from an innovative company (Rookie Communications or Laakeriseppele).

Topics: ”The entrepreneurial mindset is a critically valuable 21st-century skill. Entrepreneurial spirit, what is it and how to spark it”.

Team coaching training day:

Thursday – Akvaario, Riveria Niskala

Training day at the ProRiveria: the Entrepreneurship Training Center and Riveria Career Services. Activities with career counselors from participating countries aiming at finding tools for career counseling in the classroom.

Career Guidance Topics and discussions on how to combine DIGIT 2 along with Carrier Guidance

Visit Botania. Discussion about innovative entrepreneurship with Kari Kola, entrepreneur, Sanna Lappalainen and Heli Petsalo, entrepreneurship coaches, ProRiveria.

Friday – Kuusisto Riveria Niskala

Dialogue circle

In small teams prepare a summary of the experiences and materials gathered during the week. Sharing the results with others in a dialogue circle. Check out

Pre Vet Introduction Tero Vornanen

Project matters

Feedback on digital stories process and approach

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