5th Evening Vocational School is an evening vocational school located at the west entrance of Thessaloniki city, close to the Industrial Area and the port of the town.

It has mostly adult students which are coming from rural and urban areas, a percentage of them are immigrants or repatriated and have diverse social and demographic background. They are people who either left school when they were younger cause they could not easily and properly adapt to the educational procedure or because they had to work and support their families. They are coming back to the evening school to graduate and in many cases they are continuing their studies after school. They are people who either want to graduate school but at the same time are working or are unemployed ones who want to acquire extra job skills and therefore are participating in this lifelong learning procedure. Their ages vary between 17 up to 45.

The supported study fields are based on the following areas:

Information technology

  • Technical in software development

Health sector

  • Nursing assistants
  • Early Childhood Care assistants
  • Physiotherapist’s assistants
  • Beauty artists

Economics and Management

  • Administration & financial services assistant
  • Employee in Tourism business

Agriculture and Food Technology:

  • Food and beverage technology technician
  • Floriculture and landscape architecture technician

Every year our school implements educational programs concerning Environmental Education, Career Counseling, Culture related programs and Voluntarism, approaching knowledge in a holistic view, aiming at the cultivation of positive attitudes-behaviors of our pupils.  Additionally to its primary role, school is aiming to provide its’ students equal opportunities, despite their different background and diverse characteristics and helps them along the way to their professional and social development.


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