The topics raised during DIG IT I project have been enhanced and developed further in DIG IT 2. New elements have been added to the project activities. The core points were to learn and identify the right skills for employability, to bring the learning experience closer to the reality of the working environment, to enhance students’ and educators’ entrepreneurial skills and labour market knowledge (Riga 2015), introduce and bring into practice new pedagogical approaches such as Team Coaching.

The Digital Storytelling method has been used as a means to analyze and share the knowledge and experiences gained during the visits to the enterprises.

Students, educational staff and entrepreneurs from FinlandGreeceItalySpainRomaniaPortugal and Germany have worked together in 6 workshops and 2 transnational meetings. Participating students were of all ages and diverse cultural-socio-economic backgrounds; this diversity underlined that lifelong learning is a way of thinking, praising learning in all ages. Students have visited enterprises with a specific theme and have created digital stories on the experiences gained. Each country has introduced an inspiring keynote speaker with an entrepreneurship/start-up theme. A model for planning, reflecting and sharing a workplace visit and On-The-Job learning experience has been created.


  1. Entrepreneurship education and innovative approaches to entrepreneurship, where the modern work culture in education and business are engaged in an active dialogue throughout the project and beyond. Emphasize entrepreneurship, visiting small companies to inspire students to entrepreneurship (EU´s one of the main themes is entrepreneurship and students)
  2. Team Coaching model. Elements of the approaches will be used in workshops. Finnish teachers have been trained as Master Team Coaches. Teachers’ role as a coach rather than the traditional teachers will be systematically discussed and practised during the project. Master Team Coach will be training teachers during the project
  3. Career Guidance in everyday schoolwork.
  4. Digital Storytelling. Digital Stories and a creative guide for young entrepreneurs will be produced for general and professional use worldwide.

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