Art Education is a particularity that has no equal in Europe.

It is a unique educational experience, lively and full of initiatives that combines art and culture, through the study of different subjects.

The Artistic High School “G.Manzu”  has been in the territory for 40 years with a laboratory-type teaching to encourage insertion into the world of work with a practical experimental approach through three courses of study:

  • Figurative Arts,
  • Architecture and
  • Environment and Fashion Design.

The duration of each course is 5 years: first two years, second two years and fifth year.

The Artistic Workshops are important, specific: pictorial, plastic, geometric, architectural and fashion.

The Courses In detail

  • The FIGURATIVE ARTS address  develops skills in the field of Painting, Sculpture, Mosaic, Graphics with in-depth knowledge of artistic languages ​​and the application of techniques in two-dimensional and three-dimensional form.
  • The ARCHITECTURE AND ENVIRONMENT address offers a preparation devoted to architectural design, urban planning, landscape, eco-sustainable environment and design.

The aesthetic, conceptual and expressive aspects of architectural research are studied through graphic, geometric and compositional techniques.  With preliminary sketches and technical drawings, three-dimensional works are designed and created in a synergy of work between theory and laboratory practice.

  •  The FASHION DESIGN address prepares students for the clothing and fabric sector.

Through the analysis and study of contemporary art and design productions, experimenting with traditional and innovative techniques and methodologies, the student proposes and creates new clothing concepts that combine creativity, aesthetics and functionality.

In the weaving, fabric printing, modeling and making workshops, the student learns the use of operational techniques and technologies.

Since its establishment, the school has been involved in several projects and competitions, always bringing remarkable results. Participation in extracurricular activities is a key point for students, as they are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills to solve real-life problems.

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