The training activities included visits to workplaces and a workshop where students from partner organizations worked together using ICT tools, social media, video, sound: Digital Storytelling method has been the key element of the workshop activities. The physical meetings were five days long, but the virtual element of the project lasted for the whole project duration and beyond.

Special emphasis has been put on the aspect of entrepreneurship training and the visits concentrated on entrepreneurship.

DIG IT project goals are based on training activities:

True connection has been established between students, teachers and the world of work in European context. Visits in the workplaces concentrated on developing a deeper understanding of the key competencies of the vocation, motivated students and enhanced cooperation between school and workplace. Visits brought change to the routines of everyday learning and they crossed the borders between school and the world of work. Experts offered up-to-date information, fresh points of view and connections of how studies and the world of work match. Experts explained how the theory was placed into action at the workplace.

Digital Storytelling, virtual worlds and other social media tools in education have put hands-on education for teachers and students. Integration of variety of learning modes have been used such as modes of distance learning, use of social media, shared platforms, producing material for open sources such as YouTube and its use in education. All methods and social media tools were used as part of the project.

International cooperation:

new experiences were gained, benchmarking and getting to know the EU labor market. The empowerment of students and teachers through the process and the acquisition of new experiences offered them a wider context of their field of vocation /study.

Learning, teaching, training – new methods, pedagogical approaches:

Digital storytelling method and the many ways of using it.

Discussions and sharing of experiences of using social media in education.

Peer learning in multicultural environments for both teachers and students.

Team coaching methods will be used in the workshops.

Career counsellors and entrepreneurship trainers will bring in their tools and their point of view in the workshop activities.

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