The main objective has been the good practices found during this multi-professional experience to everyday school work and on-the-job learning to support each individual at school. DIG IT 2 not only enhanced the collaboration between the partner schools and their associates, schools and labour markets, but it also emphasized the collaboration within the organizations.

DIG IT 2 has

  • Provided a deeper understanding of the ways digital tools can be part of education.
  • Boosted students´ soft skills, such as the ability to work well with others, leadership, work ethics, manners and social interaction.
  • Implemented new digital technologies and tools in the learning process.
  • Integrated social media in sharing, marketing and enhancement of students’ employability.
  • Implemented new pedagogical approaches and moved from teaching towards coaching.
  • Reduced early school leaving.
  • Gave educators tools to tie students into learning and finding a career path through career guidance, and team coaching.
  • Shared good practices and sparked ideas on how to use multi-professional expertise in guiding students toward employability, further education and entrepreneurship
  • Built models for reflecting and sharing learning experiences.
  • Boosted cooperation between organizations, educators and labour market and within the organizations.
  • Deepened the educators’ and students’ understanding of entrepreneurship.
  • Created new networks among career counsellors, entrepreneurship educators
  • Transferred knowledge and expertise between partners.

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Program code: ΚΑ2 2019-1-FI01-KA202-060859

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