The key innovative differentiator of this project has been the combination of team coaching approach and multi professional expertise in a concrete way. The results of this work provided tools and good practices for teaching (coaching), learning and empowering learners to take responsibility of their own learning and future.


Partners worked together on the agenda in a shared work platform.


The transnational project meetings concentrated on planning, coordination, evaluation, monitoring and preparation dissemination of the project activities. Career counsellors and entrepreneurship educators met and discussed their own agendas, about benchmarking and cooperation during and after the project. Participating career counsellors introduced digital platforms in counselling and digital tools in job recruiting.


The first transnational meeting was held in Thessaloniki, Greece in the beginning of the project (Oct 2019). Coordinators met and kicked off the project. The meeting had project management presentations and general guidelines and procedures were discussed and agreed upon. A dissemination and quality assurance plan was formed and a clear action plan was shared among partners. The meeting identified the basic principles, methods and strategies for developing the action plan in order to address all workshops and activities in the following two years of the project. The roles and tasks of each institution in this partnership were clarified. The meeting also included an introduction to team coaching, career guidance and entrepreneurship education roles in the project. Participants took a tour of small innovative enterprises in Thessaloniki and collected ideas for the project from the entrepreneurs.


The final transnational project meeting was held in Esslingen, Germany, in May 2022. The aim of the transnational project meeting in Germany concentrated on evaluation. Special attention was paid to the dissemination. It was a closing meeting including all the activities necessary for the project closing. The key activities were gathering project records and disseminating information. A review was conducted to capture the lessons learned from this project, considering this transnational project meeting as a lessons-learned meeting. Coordinators explored what went well and captured the processes to understand why they went well. The team picked out things that could be transferred to other projects or DIG IT future projects.


During each international training activity (6) the coordinators held a special project meeting. These meetings have concentrated on monitoring all project activities according to the work program. In each project meeting the budget and timetable have been forecasted and the project’s activities and results have been evaluated. The lessons learned during the project are formally completed and documented in the project’s final meeting. Other aspects analyzed are the technology used, monitoring of the project, internal and external communications, involvement of participants, and the implementation of the project schedule. Continuous dissemination of the project outcomes has been ensured through our Facebook, Youtube channels and Instagram. Possible future cooperation was discussed and planned as ideas and plans for the sustainability of the project after its end was discussed in each meeting.

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