Program for DIGIT 2 virtual workshop 12-13.4.2021


  • Students introduced digital story prepared after a visit to the company of a former student of our school. He is a young entrepreneur who tells about his passion for graphic design work in the family business that he continues today.
  • Discussion and introductions of the students


  • an online quiz about Romania (on Kahoot, hope it will work!)
  • several digital stories about our town, Easter habits in Romania, life during quarantine time and entrepreneurial ideas


  • introduce the digital story our students and teachers prepared for our trip to Italy in March 2020 and
  • an entrepreneur from Athens, Fay Christodoulou, spoke about her passion to accomplish the dream born in her mind and how she managed to achieve it.


  • Visit Riveria “Attitude”-project and the ambassadors of “Attitude”. This project emphazises the power of a positive attitude in your life and happiness in your life. The project mottos are: 1. Show up 2. Do your best 3. Be a good friend 4. Smile
  • Riveria student Joonas tells about his studies, travels and his company.
  • Spark is the center of Riveria entrepreneurship teams. We will visit the center and meet Sanna, the coach.
  • Four digital stories / videos about Riveria students and their careers / life in the world of work


  • Watching an interview between some students telling about their experiences gained during their apprenticeship
  • Students will report on the difficulty of managing school and work at the same time
  • Hearing our young entrepreneurs and their work and experiences. Pitch of their business idea


  • Student host leading the hour
  • Students’ digital stories about entrepreneurs in their area
  • STEM project introduction
  • Key note speaker: a some influencer, coach
  • Discussion


  • Present of videos made by our students after interviewing different entrepreneurs in the area.
  • Students from Venezuela, Portugal and Spain introduce the typical meals of their countries.

In the end of the workshop discussions about the program, student participants get to know each other, planning the next workshop.

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