Workplace visits


Students visited enterprises in small teams in participating countries. The visits were carefully planned prior to the workshops on online platforms and during the first days of the workshop week.

Students’ Teams 

  • studied the companies´ profiles and history
  • decided on the focus, purpose and objectives of the visits
  • were organized in team roles and 
  • Different tasks were divided between the members of the team. 


Workplace visits focused on:

  • Cultivating innovation and promotion of experimentation
  • Motivated students 
  • to gain competencies in their field of vocation 
  • crystallize the meaning of studies 
  • Created enterprising mindsets and 
  • helped students discover what it is to be an entrepreneur. 

Working with fellow European students 

  • Widened students’ way of seeing the world 
  • emphasized the importance of education 
  • introduced a welcoming, open and safe environment, where students feel noticed and valued
  • Built confidence and developed a desire for learning. 

Students, teachers, labor market 

Developed pathways aiming to equip students with knowledge, skills and understanding of the key competencies required in the labor market. 

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